Episode 82- BGA x Getting Animated Live Show

This week on Getting Animated, it will be the BGA x Getting Animated Q&A Live Show from Quirkcon! This live show is the first of MANY More to come!   SPOTIFY GOOGLE MUSIC PLAY ANCHOR ITUNES

Epispde 80- #PrayForKyoAni

The tragedy that happened to Kyoto Animation has rocked our community. This week I will be talking about how much Kyoani means to me, how to help support them and reading a touching listener letter. Let’s mourn together.

Episode 79- Sound Euphonium Movie Review

This week on Getting Animated I will be giving you a SPOILER FREE review of “Sound! Euphonium The Movie – Our Promise: A Brand New Day”! Thank you to Eleven Arts for allowing me to watch this amazing movie!

Episode 78- Summer Season

This week on Getting Animated I will be discussing anime news and what I’m looking forward this Summer season!

Minisode 4

The new episode of Getting Animated is out now! On this minisode I’ll be talking anime news and a brief review of Kimagure Orange Road!