Episode 89- Horror Manga

This week on Getting Animated I’ll be discussing 3 horror manga that will keep you tossing and turning at night!

Episode 87- Fall Season 2019

This week on Getting Animated I will be discussing anime news and what I’m looking forward this Fall Season

Episode 86- Anime OP Trivia

This week on Getting Animated I brought the hubby on to discuss Attack On Titan Season 3 and play some Anime Opening Trivia!

Minisode 5

This week’s Minisode I’m dropping all the tea when it comes Peach Girl Next! Sae is still up no good and Momo is blossoming!

Episode 83- Why You Should Watch Millennium Actress

This week on Getting Animated join me as I bring you the latest anime news, gush over Meg Thee Stallion and tell you why you shouldn’t miss out on one of Satoshi Kon’s greatest films, Millennium Actress.

Episode 82- BGA x Getting Animated Live Show

This week on Getting Animated, it will be the BGA x Getting Animated Q&A Live Show from Quirkcon! This live show is the first of MANY More to come!   SPOTIFY GOOGLE MUSIC PLAY ANCHOR ITUNES