Episode 98- 2019 Recap

Happy New Year Everyone! Here are all my favorite moments from 2019!

Thank you for all your support!

Episode 97- A Christmas Special

It’s a Christmas Episode! This week on Getting Animated join me as I talk about one of my favorite Christmas anime movies Tokyo Godfathers!

Episode 94- Amanda C Miller Interview

This week on Getting Animated I teamed up with Bubblegum from LAN Party and interviewed the voice of Sailor Jupiter and Boruto Uzamaki, Amanda C Miller!

Episode 93- Yu Yu Hakusho Review

This week on Getting Animated I will be giving you my thoughts on Yu Yu Hakusho for my first time ever! What made it so special? Does it still hold up in 2019? Find out now!

Episode 92- Love Triangles

This week on Getting Animated I talk about the holy trinity… Love Triangles! Why are they so addicting? What are some iconic love triangles in anime? Listen and find out!

Episode 90- First Impressions

This week on Getting Animated we’re talking the Webtoons/Crunchyroll Partnership, HBO Max taking my coins and my first impressions on My Hero Academia and MORE! Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Music Play!

Episode 89- Horror Manga

This week on Getting Animated I’ll be discussing 3 horror manga that will keep you tossing and turning at night!