Episode 103- My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review

This week on Getting Animated we are back to regular programming! I discuss anime news and for Topic Time will be a two parter! I will be giving you a spoiler free review and then Jay hops on to do a spoiler filled review!

Episode 102 – Unrequited Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week on Getting Animated I discuss anime that touch on the hurtful side of love… that’s right here are some Unrequited Love anime that will have you bawling in a corner!

Episode 100 – Part One

This week on Getting Animated I have my friend Bubblegum from Lan Party on to discuss Weathering With You! This review has a bunch of SPOILERS!! Tune in tomorrow for a bonus Q&A episode! SPOTIFY GOOGLE MUSIC PLAY ANCHOR ITUNES EY INSPIRED @ HTTPS://SOUNDCLOUD.COM/LAKEYINSPIRED ORIGINAL UPLOAD HERE – HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=WAUKV… OFFICIAL “LAKEY INSPIRED” YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE…

Episode 98- 2019 Recap

Happy New Year Everyone! Here are all my favorite moments from 2019!

Thank you for all your support!

Episode 97- A Christmas Special

It’s a Christmas Episode! This week on Getting Animated join me as I talk about one of my favorite Christmas anime movies Tokyo Godfathers!

Episode 94- Amanda C Miller Interview

This week on Getting Animated I teamed up with Bubblegum from LAN Party and interviewed the voice of Sailor Jupiter and Boruto Uzamaki, Amanda C Miller!

Episode 93- Yu Yu Hakusho Review

This week on Getting Animated I will be giving you my thoughts on Yu Yu Hakusho for my first time ever! What made it so special? Does it still hold up in 2019? Find out now!