Episode 111- Anime Merch

Always wondering where to get anime clothes? Want to expand your anime collection but don’t know where to begin? Are you balling on a budget? This week on Getting Animated I will be sharing some awesome places to get anime merch! 

Episode 109- Studio Ghibli Starter Guide

Hello everyone!
It’s been a while. This week on Getting Animated I’ll be giving you, your weekly anime news along with a breakdown of Studio Ghibli films! The good, the bad, and which ones you should start off with!

Day 107- Seinen

In case you missed it, last week on Getting Animated I discuss Seinen anime, it’s differences between Josei and Shonen and why it’s so important for millennial adults! ‬

Episode 105- Spring Season 2020

This week on Getting Animated I’ll be discussing what’s been keeping me sane this Quarantine along with what I’m looking forward to this Spring Season

Episode 104- International Women’s Day

In honor of women’s history month in international women’s day, this week are Getting Animated I will be discussing some of my favorite women in the anime industry along with the anime recommendation about some strong-willed woman

Episode 103- My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Review

This week on Getting Animated we are back to regular programming! I discuss anime news and for Topic Time will be a two parter! I will be giving you a spoiler free review and then Jay hops on to do a spoiler filled review!

Episode 102 – Unrequited Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week on Getting Animated I discuss anime that touch on the hurtful side of love… that’s right here are some Unrequited Love anime that will have you bawling in a corner!